Crisis-Proof Your Practice

5 Tips to Prepare Your Practice for a Crisis

So often we plan growth…more new patients, more furniture, expansion, associates.  I call it the “More Culture” of chiropractic.

Sometimes we save a TON of money, time, and energy by doing less sexy things like cash flow projections, retirement planning, insurance protection planning. But it can save years and so much worry.

If you have a hard time facing the scary monsters of life…like recessions, pandemics, floods, associates leaving, partners stealing, audits, divorce, CA meltdowns, etc., then this post is for you.

If you are in the process of struggling with any of this, reach out.  We have support for you.
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Take a moment.
Get an eagles eye view.
Try to see calmly a year or two ahead
and know you will be ok.
Your panicked thinking is not your best.
So get your calm on!



Understand your
practice overhead.
Simplify whenever possible!



Understand your personal expenses.
Live lean.
Value being a saver.


Try planning by the quarter
instead of a year.

(I once used a sticky note that said,
“Live Your Life in
30 Second Increments.”
It was the best thing for me
at the time.)



Watch Your Mind!

Change can be FILLED
with opportunity.
Life has a way of working out.
Keep looking for the opportunities!