Impact Mastermind

I would like to invite you to my office for a two-day private event called the “Impact Mastermind.”

I’ve designed the Impact Mastermind to give you precisely what you need to experience a life-changing, quantum leap in marketing your practice and increasing your sales and – not just an “incremental improvement” in your business.

I want YOU to experience the thrill I did when DOUBLED my profits last year in both my businesses.

As you know, it’s one thing to go through online courses, read books, and attend webinars. Although all of those things are valuable, nothing is better than working on your business, in person, with support from someone who is DOING this…just like you.

This event is now over, but feel free to join our community
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We’ll meet from 12 to 8 on Saturday and 9 to 3 on Sunday. Each person will get time devoted to JUST their business. If you want to develop a brand, a kick-ass webinar or signature talk, craft an automated email campaign, design a consultation that closes, create a step-by-step marketing system – whatever you need to experience a quantum leap in building your dream practice, that’s where we’ll focus our energy.

This small group environment allows me to work hands-on with you. Plus, you’ll have the unique advantage of getting input from other like-minded, success-focused chiropractors with diverse experience.

In addition to the “business” part of the Impact Mastermind, I will take excellent care of you while you’re here. You’ll enjoy:

  • Delicious breakfast on Sunday, so you start your day off right.
  • Gourmet lunch provided by our local chefs. All dietary needs will be met thoughtfully.
  • Catered dinner

I want to take care of you so you can relax, have fun, let your creative juices flow, and make this single most valuable event you’ve ever attended,

Okay, let’s do a quick recap.

  • You will spend two days with me and other top-tier chiropractors.
  • For a portion of the time, the mastermind brain trust will focus exclusively on YOUR business.
  • We’ll work together on the projects that are most important to YOU.
  • The truth is, you’ll probably experience your most profound “a-ha’s” and breakthroughs while we dive into the other members’ businesses.

As you can imagine, the investment to participate isn’t cheap, but it’s not expensive either. The fact is, your investment should come back to you many times over, making your experience virtually free.

You can participate in the Impact Mastermind for $997.

If you’re interested, simply email and I’ll send you more info. Next year, I will offer this at a hotel in November in a seminar format and not offer the intimate setting. It is just that I had so many requests for our Make Your Impact marketing and sales program, that I am setting up this intimate event. This will be the only time I do an event this personalized for so little investment. If you’re interested, please reply to this email right now. Also, because there is limited seating, if more than one person from your office desires to attend, you will have to register each person.


Special BONUS:

Included in this session will be an option to attend an MACP meeting on Saturday night, where Roberto Monaco of Influenceology will be a presenting speaker

This event is now over, but feel free to join our community
for updates on future events and more!

Join the community

If you have questions, email, and we’ll help you. It doesn’t obligate you to anything. We are happy to help answer your questions. We have spent years personalizing marketing and sales support for our clients and helping them to double their profits and more. A reply will get you closer to your dreams.

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Your Hosts

Dr. Pam Jarboe began her career working as an assistant for a chiropractor in 1986. She traveled into Harlem, NY with her chiropractor, observing adjustments for children who were drug-addicted, had AIDS or were abandoned as babies. Inspired by the many changes she witnessed in this practice, especially in children, she decided to attend Life Chiropractic University and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1995. She practices in Acton, Massachusetts at Community Chiropractic of Acton and is a mom of two sons, Jackson and Max.

Dr. Pam Jarboe also has served the profession as a board member for several organizations in chiropractic. She travels around the world to speak on chiropractic, uplifting her audience with her warmth and humor. She provides a coaching service, or what she calls practice midwifery, through her company, ChiroBloom. Her passion for chiropractic and her life-long quest for business mastery provide incredible tools for chiropractors. She filters business information from the business greats of Tony Robbins Business Mastery, Marie Forleo Bschool, Dan Kennedy Inside Circle and makes all this knowledge digestible for her clients. She has participated in a variety of coach training, allowing her the skill to help meet her client’s nuanced needs, not just dump information on them. The marriage of heart-centered practice, motivational guidance and real-world tools creates the magic that activates chiropractors nationwide to build the life and practice they love… and reach out to help more people to receive chiropractic care.

Dr. Peter J. Kevorkian has been in practice with his wife Dr. Patricia A. Giuliano in Westwood, MA for over 35 years. They have two children; Katie, age 31 and Christopher, age 29, both were born underwater at home.

Dr. Peter and Dr. Patti embody the heart and soul of family practice. Their practice is considered the “standard” in family chiropractic care.

Westwood Family Chiropractic is a wellness oriented family practice grounded in patient education. They care for families for a lifetime.

Dr. Peter teaches internationally on Chiropractic Philosophy,Children and Chiropractic and Family Practice. He is president of the board of directors and instructor for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). He is former Chairman of the Board of Sherman College of Chiropractic. He is on the board of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society (MCS). He is a 1982 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Peter has been honored as Fellow in the College of Straight Chiropractic and been named Chiropractor of the Year by the the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society in 2003. For over 25 years Dr. Peter and Dr, Patti have been hosts for the Massachusetts Alliance for Chiropractic Philosophy. Under their leadership, the MACP has been a strong support group for chiropractors. They sponsor monthly “Philosophy Nites” at their home/office. It is the longest continuous running chiropractic philosophy group in the world.