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Dr. Pam offers customizable workshops and keynotes
at conferences and colleges internationally.

Workshop One:

Creating Care Plans with Certainty

Dr. Pam Jarboe presents research for exams and outcomes that will support chiropractors in creating a thoughtful and successful path for your patients. You will discover innovative, proven-effective ways to optimize the patient experience while considering their perspective, clinical measurements, lifestyle choices and the severity of their issues. Continuing Education credits have been obtained for this program.

Workshop Two:

Teams Creating Excellence

Dr. Pam Jarboe covers specific procedures to empower Chiropractic Assistants to help patients understand the big picture of chiropractic. Gain confidence and skills in:

  • Leadership Beyond your Title
  • Day-to-Day Communications
  • Transitioning New People into
    a Chiropractic Mindset
  • Building Value for Chiropractic
  • The Art of Efficient Collections
  • Overcoming Objections

Workshop Three:

The Significance of the Chiropractic Exam

This workshop explores the science of subluxation and how it has been detected over the history of chiropractic. Research from medical journals validates exam procedures. The workshop creates certainty for chiropractors and helps to validate findings for the doctor, the patients and any other professionals who also provide care for the patient. Continuing Education credits have been obtained for this program.

Workshop Four:

Building Trust in Your Community

This workshop explores the psychological triggers marketers use to create trust. These helpful triggers allow the beginning of a trust-based relationship to occur with patients, team and community. A deeper examination of what builds trust allows doctors to build stable practices and fulfilling teamwork.

Keynote One:

Bridging the Gap

In our chiropractic world all ideas or actions, even seemingly irrelevant ones, are always connected to each other. In this keynote, Dr. Pam Jarboe observes that our profession is hindered by a perception of gaps between organization, how we perceive others in the public and within the profession. The lens of our perception distances us from our audience. When we discover how to move the lens, our vision and connection become clear.

Keynote Two:

Trust in Life

Dr. Pam Jarboe reveals the psychological triggers successful marketers use to build trust. Discover how to use these triggers thoughtfully in your promotions and day-to-day procedures. Learn the art of building true trust and lifetime raving fans in your community.

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